Baked Chicken Wings

Szechuan Spicy

szechuan chilli, baked wings

Szechuan chilli with home mixed spices. Beware! Intense spiciness!

Zesty Orange

orange marmalade, baked wings

Orange Marmalade with Chiffonade Chilli

Garlic Parmesan

garlic parmesan, baked wings

Buttered garlic in melted Parmesan cheese.

Chilli Crab

chili crab, baked wings

Singapore's own spicy sweet signature on wings.

Salted Eggs

salted eggs, baked wings

Rich, sweet, creamy blend with aromatic curry leaves.

Korean Tangy

korean tangy, baked wings

Korean red chilli and roasted sesame blend.

Thai Sriracha

thai sriracha, baked wings

Tangy honey sweet with a kick of garlic.

Nacho Cheese

nacho cheese, baked wings

Drenched in rich creamy nacho cheese.

Honey Glazed

honey glazed, baked wings

Glazed in honey with a touch of pepper.


teriyaki, baked wings

Caramelized sweet and umami topped with roasted sesame.


barbecue, BBQ, baked wings

Sweet applewood smoked with a pinch of chilli.


original, crispy, baked wings

Homemade mix of 9 herbs and spices.